The Backyard Kegerator Info:

Continuing my support of the Santa Clarita local breweries,  I visited Telco Brewery again and picked up another  5.2 Gal. keg of Tip and Ring Pale Ale. The last one was so good I had to get another after we finished the Golden Eagle Ale.

Telco Brewery

I believe Telco’s beer is the best Santa Clarita has to offer.  I currently have on tap in my backyard two of their beers, Two Rings I.P.A and Tip and Ring Pale Ale.  The owners are really cool people who love making great beer and enjoy what they are doing.  The excellent quality of their product shows that there is a great deal of pride brewed into each batch.  

Two Rings I.P.A.- A West Coast IPA that has a floral and citrus aroma with a piney bitterness that finishes off smooth. 

Tip and Ring Pale Ale – A classic American Ale, with a hoppy aroma. Tip & Ring is dry hopped to give you the smell of an IPA with out the bitterness.  An excellent introduction to Telco Brewery’s fine beers.